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A Lintel is one of the most important building components.

Product Overview

NEsteel Lintels

A Revolutionary Option To Prestressed Concrete Construction

A Lintel is one of the most important building components. It is provided to give structural horizontal support to the construction, especially on windows and doors, which are considered to be vulnerable points in the building structure. It is primarily used for load-bearing purpose and to span an opening between the vertical supports.

With sustained research and after conducting extensive tests, we have introduced revolutionary option to the conventional RCC lintels in the form of G. I. Lintels and brackets. With this, we have facilitated considerable saving in construction cost and time. Over the years, NE Steel Lintels has emerged as the champion brand in India, Lintel design and manufacturing.

NE Lintels is the most trusted brand in the structural engineering segment.

The lintels manufactured by us are specially designed and fabricated to meet customer requirements.

Available hot-dipped galvanized coated MS Materials & Stainless Steel Materials.

Manufactured with meticulous design as per international standards to ensure proper load bearing capacity and sustainability.

NEsteel Lintels Features

    Lintels Features

  • Robust Design
  • Rustproof Material
  • Extremely Time Saving
  • 50% Cost Saving
  • Easy to Install
  • 1 Minute Installation Time
  • Maximum Perforation for strong plaster bonding
  • Light Weight Easy to handle
  • No need to use any mesh before plastering

Our Products Range


These type of lintels used for openings upto 2.4 mtr including bearing suitable for walls having thickness of 100mm to 230mm.

Arch Type

Arch lintel used when the aesthetic need is present. It is mostly used in bungalows and arched portion of wall.


If the wall is not available at another end then brackets are used for bearing purpose. Brackets are available in with respected to the lintel width.

Customized Lintel

As per requirements of clients a customized lintel can made. We have kept this type because the need and varieties in constructions industries are differing day by day.

About NEsteel Lintels

Naik Enterprises, led by Mr Sourabh Naik was established in the year 2015. Mr Sourabh Naik, with his sharp engineering acumen and business skills has taken the company to the new heights of success in a short span of time. The journey has just begun. But it has begun with confidence and conviction.

In a span of just five years, Naik Enterprises has earned recognition and reputation as the leading manufacturers and service providers of wide range of GI Lintels and brackets. We are also recognized for superior quality, finesse and perfection in fabrication services, customized design and manufacturing of Automated sliding gates and Industrial storage racks. However, we are primarily known for our supremacy in manufacturing of wide range of G. I. Lintels & Brackets.

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NEsteel Lintels

NEsteel Lintels

NEsteel Lintels

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