• NE Lintels are available in standard sizes and customized sizes as required.
  • The major advantage that GI lintels over the prestressed concrete is the strength to weight ratio. GI lintels promise better load bearing capacity.
  • Easy to use. As such does not need involvement of skilled mason.
  • Huge amount of construction time and labour is saved compared to conventional RCC lintel construction practices.
  • Since because it is just about placing the readymade lintel atop the window or door and continue with further brickwork, the construction job is completed in a quick time and labour cost is also saved.
  • Highly Durable and aesthetically beautiful.
  • Resistant to any climatic extremities.

Our Products Range

U-Type Lintel

These type of lintels used for openings upto 2.4 mtr including bearing suitable for walls having thickness of 100mm to 230mm.

Arch Type

Arch lintel used when the aesthetic need is present. It is mostly used in bungalows and arched portion of wall.Arch lintel has a semi-circular design.


If the wall is not available at another end then brackets are used for bearing purpose. Brackets are available in with respected to the lintel width. These are fixed using plumbing nails or screws with pvc plugs on rcc member.

Customized Lintel

As per requirements of clients a customized lintel can made. We have kept this type because the need and varieties in constructions industries are differing day by day.