Steel Lintels / Heavy Duty GI (Galvanized Iron) Steel Lintels - (Ultra HD Design)

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We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Lintel Brackets, Steel Lintel Brackets, GI (Galvanized Iron) Steel Lintel Brackets from Pune, Maharashtra, India.
Steel Lintels / Heavy Duty GI (Galvanized Iron) Steel Lintels - (Ultra HD Design) (Ultra HD Design)
  • NE Lintels™ is excited to introduce our groundbreaking innovation – the GI Steel Lintels with Ultra HD design. Our relentless commitment to research and development has culminated in a product that is set to revolutionize the steel lintel market in India.

  • These Ultra HD design lintels are nothing short of exceptional. Not only do they offer outstanding value, but they also come at surprisingly affordable prices. What sets them apart is their extraordinary load-bearing capacity, boasting a remarkable 30% increase compared to regular lintels. This is a game-changer for builders and construction professionals who demand top-notch performance and reliability in their projects.

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One of the standout features of our GI Steel Lintels with Ultra HD design is their versatility. They are compatible with all types of bricks or blocks, making them an ideal choice for a wide array of construction projects, whether you're working on residential, commercial, or industrial developments. This adaptability ensures that our lintels seamlessly integrate into your construction plans, offering maximum flexibility and convenience.

We wholeheartedly recommend this product for all your construction needs. The combination of impressive strength and cost-effectiveness makes our GI Steel Lintels with Ultra HD design an unbeatable proposition in the industry. You no longer need to compromise on quality to stay within budget. With our lintels, you can have both the robust load-bearing capacity you require and the affordability you desire.

At NE Lintels™, we take pride in pushing the boundaries of innovation. Our Ultra HD design lintels are a testament to our dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions to the construction sector. We invite you to experience the difference for yourself. Elevate your construction projects with our GI Steel Lintels and witness the transformative impact they can have on your build quality and bottom line.

Choose NE Lintels™ Brand for excellence in construction solutions, and let our GI Steel Lintels with Ultra HD design elevate your projects to new heights. Experience the future of lintels today.

Product Specification: NE Lintel™
Application Construction
Thickness 1, 1.2 & 1.6mm
Brand NE Lintels™
Available for Wall Width 100mm to 200mm
Corrosion Resistance Yes
Surface Type Perforated with groove design
Corrosion Resistance Yes
Country of Origin Made in India
Material HD-GI, Pre-GI, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel
Shape U Shape with grooves (Ultra HD Design)
Height Of Flange 50mm